Social Media Management
  • Setup branded social media sites
  • Does your current Marketing Plan convey your brand across all of your media platforms?
  • If not you may be missing out on opportunities to reinforce your brand with your potential customers
  • Let Strategic Networks and our Design Team paint yoru social media and other sites with your unique brand.
  • Strategic Networks complete social media marketing plan allows you to get the best return on your marketing dollars wherever your customers are looking.

Maintain social media sites with new content
  • Is the content on your social media sites old and outdated?
  • Stale content makes for a boring experience and even worse hurts your search engine optimization(SEO) rank.
  • Stale content leads to poor SEO and as a result poor sales.
  • Allow Strategic Networks to add some life to yoru social media sites and help improve your SEO.
  • Improving your content and as a result your SEO leads to better traffic and better sales

Train users to make social media work for your marketing purposes
  • Do you have employees who could help augment your marketing budget by providing content to help improve SEO
  • Existing employees are an often overlooked source of content generation, They understand your products and your business
  • Strategic Networks will train your existing employees to contribute to your content generation saving you marketing dollars and improving SEO
  • We often train our client's employees to assist in content generation with excellent results. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Search Engine Optimization
  • Create new websites optimized for your keywords
  • Reform SEO of your existing site
  • Maintain and improve SEO to preserve search engine rank

Search Engine Placement Monitoring
  • Define search terms and monitor for popularity
  • We work with our clients to gain multiple top level search placement
  • Utilize multiple avenues for top search result