Backupper Free Disk Cloning and Backup Software

If you are looking for a backup utility please check out this one...

AOMEI Backupper is the simplest FREE backup software with system/disk/partition/file backups and system/disk clone.

New Strategic Backup Solutions Onsite and Offsite Secure Backup

Strategic Solutions Backup

Strategic Networks has you covered.  Whether you want to backup your data to a local USB drive or secure your data offsite with encryption we have what you need.  Our Strategic Backup Solution will allow you to backup your data, Exchange Server down to the folder level, SQL servers and other software and databases.  Give us a call or email to discuss your needs.  Let Strategic Networks make your IT work for you.

Linux / Mac Vulnerability GHOST

New Linux/Mac vulnerability GHOST... We are looking into a new Linux vulnerability today. If you aren't aware all Mac operating systems are now built on Linux technology so this means your Mac could be affected. There is a vulnerability that is being called GHOST because it allows a hacker to remotely take complete control of a victim's system without having any prior knowledge of system credentials. It is a buffer overflow vulnerability that can be triggered both remotely and locally. Look for a new update from Linux / Apple in the coming days to protect your system.

UPDATE:  This hole exists in any Linux system that was built with glibc-2.2, which was released on November 10, 2000.  We will be looking into whether the current MacOS' use this kernel.

Cheap Alternative to Microsoft Office Alternatives

Are you sick of paying hundreds for  Microsoft Office products? Or even worse paying a never ending monthly subscription for Microsoft Office productivity?  We have an Office Productivity Solution that  includes access to your Microsoft Exchange Server and can be configured for much less.  Give us a call to discuss alternatives to Microsoft Office and let us help IT work for you...  For as little as $50 you can have a fully functional office with email and or exchange solution. 

Allworx Phone Systems Affordable and Packed with Features

Is it time for a new phone system? Are you tired of having one voice-mail for your entire company? Are you sick of your 2 or 4 line RCA phone from Staples? It may not be as expensive as you think to install a new Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone System. Allworx offers very inexpensive fully functional VoIP Phone systems that can plug into your existing analog phone lines. In a matter of hours you can have professional phones, receptionist phones, auto attendant, and all of the other benefits of big name phone systems without the huge cost. A 5 phone Allworx Phone System is well within the budget of any small business. Check them out and then give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

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